Weight Loss – Low Calorie Diet Versus Exercise

Diet Versus ExerciseWhich approach do you think is best if you want to lose weight. Low calorie dieting or exercise?

Imagine that you have a choice to make, you can only do one of them and you have to make a choice.

In this article we are going to take a closer look at low calorie diet versus exercise.

The biggest obstacle you will bump into with this choice is that both low calorie diets and exercising are far more effective if you do both of them at the same time.

You will really not be able to move any mountains, if you are only doing one of them. But that what we need to do in this article.

Personally if I have to choose between those two I would do the exercising and just stick to a regular healthy diet. I really do not like low calorie dieting for a couple of reasons.

Disadvantages of Low Calorie Diets

First of all do I not like to deprive myself from food, especially not if I am hungry. Also because I know it will kick on me, and then I will end up eating a lot more than I am supposed to do. This is because your brain will do everything in its power to make you eat. So if you are trying to maintain a low calorie, your brain is just going to release a set of hunger hormones, and keep doing it until you finally give in and start to eat.

Losing Muscle Mass and Lower Your Metabolism

Another problem you will face doing a low calorie diet is that you are going to lose muscle mass. Perhaps you as a woman will say “I don’t mind because it will make me look more thin!” The only problem with losing muscles is that your metabolism will slow down and it becomes easier to gain weight.

One pound of muscle burns between 50 and 100 calories per day, if you lose 5 pounds of muscles during a diet, you will have to eat 250 and 500 calories less in order to stay on your current weight. This is impossible, especially after months being on a low calorie diet.

Protein Alone Will Not Make You Keep Your Muscles

Now you may think that you are not going to lose any muscles because you are doing a high protein low carbohydrate diet!

The problem you will face here is that proteins alone is not going to help you to maintain your muscle mass. A lot of the proteins you are taking in will be used for energy instead instead of muscle maintenance. And in order to maintain muscles you will need a mixture of proteins, carbohydrates and fat in order to create proper synergy in your muscles.

The Benefits of Exercising in Order to Lose Weight

There is a lot of benefits to get if you decide to do the exercise approach in order to lose weight. But in order to become successful doing so it is important that you incorporate muscle training with cardiovascular training, in order to optimize your results.

Build Lean Muscles to Burn Body Fat

The good thing about having muscles on your body is that they burn body fat, lots of it in fact. Muscles are the best instrument to lose body fat, so if you can pack on 5 to 10 pounds of muscles you will be on your way to get lean.

Taking it Easy With The Diet Part

Also when you used to exercising approach you can take it easier with the diet part. In fact you will actually need to eat. It may sound crazy but the eating will make you lose weight.

Your Metabolism will Stay Intact

One of the greatest benefits doing exercising to lose weight is that you will not end up losing the muscle mass that would lead to a lower metabolism. This also means that you will be able to keep the weight off easier after finishing your diet.

When it comes to low calorie diet versus exercise the best you can do is to let your workouts become an important part of your life.

Diet Versus Exercise?

Womens Health Magazine features a great article regarding diet versus exercise in 6 different scenarios. Read the article here

Also check the video below in order to see a more scientific approach on Diet versus Exercise. Which I do not agree with.


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