3 Compound Exercises You Must Do To Get More Muscles

3 Compound Exercises you must doA lot of guys are doing it all wrong when the go to the gym to build some lean muscles and strength.

For sure you will get some limited results just pulling some cables and doing some bicep curls. But if you want to stand out and build some serious lean muscles you must do compound exercises.

In this article, we are going to give you 3 compound exercises that for sure will make you some solid muscles and strength.

Before You Get Started with Compound Exercises

Compound exercises can be pretty hard to perform if you are not used to them. To get the most out of compound exercises, it is also recommended that you have your diet and supplements in place.

Make sure to get enough proteins so your muscles have something they can grow on.

Also, make sure to get a testosterone booster like Ripped Test Ultra, you will increase your levels of testosterone, naturally. It means nothing will stand in your way to get bigger.


Deadlift is one of the ultimate compound exercises, but hard as hell to perform. It can really knock the air out of you.

Deadlifts are a great exercise for your whole back but also legs, abs, arms, chest, and shoulders.

It is recommended you let a gym instructor show you how to do deadlifts the right way. Doing them wrong and you may hurt your back.


Squats are the ultimate leg exercise. The work all areas of your legs and will also give your back, abs and shoulders a good workout. When you have the barbell on your shoulders, it is important that you keep your back straight. When you go down, you have to go as far down as possible and below the 45-degree angle.

If you cannot do that, then go lighter with the weights. Way too many guys are using too much weight and sacrifice their range of motion because of that.


Military lift is going to form your shoulders and neck just they way you want it. This lift is best done by pushing a barbell with weights, above your shoulders, and over the head.

Back in the days, the guys hardly did any bench press. They used the military press to build not only shoulders but also their chest. The Military press is a very effective exercise that you should use.

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