3 Top Tips for Serious Muscle Building

3 Top Tips for Serious Muscle BuildingSo you are for serious muscle building and want to do almost everything possible to reach your muscle building dreams? If so you have come to the right place, because in this post we are going to give you are a couple of very effective muscle building tips that can help you to reach your muscle building goals.

Incorporating these muscle building in your workout will help you to reach finally the muscle building goals you have been working out so hard to get. So let’s get started with our 3 top tips for serious muscle building.

How to Choose the Right Gym

There are a couple of things you need to look out for when choosing a gym that you would like to work out.

First of all do not fall into the mistake of selecting a gym for how it looks like it There is a lot of very modern and fashionable gyms out there. You will probably like to work out in them as well.

However, these types of gyms are not made for serious muscle building. But for the average person who wants to lose weight and perhaps get a little marked. Some of them even do not allow big guys to train

Some of them even do not permit big guys to train there because they believe they are on steroids.

What you need to look for is a traditional gym with a lot of free weights. Make sure they have a lot of dumbbells and barbells and weight plates of up to more than 100 pounds each. I know it sounds like a lot, but very soon you will need a lot of weight to certain exercises.

Also, remember not to be focused on how the gym looks like, it is more important that the gym you choose is functional.

How to Eat Correctly for Muscle Building

Proteins are essential but so are carbohydrates and fat. Too many guys are focusing so much on their protein intake that they completely forget all about getting the right carbohydrates and fats.

Remember, if you want to build solid muscles fats, and carbohydrates are just as important because it will create a synergistic effect in your muscles so they will grow and get stronger.

Another important fact here is that you need carbohydrates to create the energy your muscles needs to take up proteins. If the power is lacking, the proteins you are eating will only just run thru your system without being taken up in your muscles.

How to Train Correctly for Muscle Building

Many guys are wondering about how many times during the week they should go to the gym to exercise?

A good rule of thumb here is to go to the gym between 4 and five times during the week. The muscle building part of your workout should not take more than an hour.

Feel free to do stretches or cardio after the hour of muscle building if you want to.

If you stay for hours in the gym because you think it is going to give you better results, you are all wrong. You may risk injuries and overtraining, which is the last you want to experience when you finally got started to hit the gym.

If you are in overtraining, you may also risk losing muscle mass because of the release of stress hormones in your body.


Should I use supplements or not? The answer to that question is yes and no. You should use supplements if you feel your body is lacking something that is holding you back from getting results.

Using supplements as the overall solution to your muscle building is all wrong and not the right way to go. Let’s take a closer look at three types of supplements you may need.

Boost Testosterone Supplements

High levels of testosterone make the difference when you want to build serious lean muscles. Many guys tend to believe that raising your testosterone levels is best done using anabolic steroids. However, you can increase your testosterone levels with your diet and a couple of legal supplements.

Pure Testo Xplode is a testosterone booster that will give you a pair of all natural ingredients that over a particular time frame can help you to increase our levels of testosterone. To get the best out of this supplement, it is recommended that you combine it with a good muscle building that also includes two whole eggs and proper levels of zinc.

No2 Supplements

Another issue a lot of guys falls into are low levels of nitric oxide flowing in their body. It is not okay for your muscle building because fewer nutrients will be carried out to your muscles.

No2 Maximus is one of the leading nitric oxide supplements on the market. It will give you a strong combination of nitric oxide boosting ingredients that can help you to restore your levels so you can push more nutrients out to your muscles.

Creatine Supplements

Finally, we have creatine supplements which is one of the most tested supplements available that comes with a lot of proven results. Anything from professional athletes to pro bodybuilders is using creatine to boost their muscle building.

Creatine works by loading your muscles with anaerobic energy so you will be able to lift up to 20% more weight than usually. Black Label No is such a supplement and can help you with that extra strength.

More Information Available

Muscle building is a science, and it is always a good idea to keep learning from the right sources. You can find one of the best places to learn about muscle building right here.

Also, check out the video below to get even more muscle building tips.

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