How to Lose Up to a Pound of Body Fat Per Day

A pound of Body Fat Per DayLosing a pound of body fat per day does it sound to good to be true? Well, it is actually possible with a totally different approach to the concept of losing weight, that you have been used to earlier.

Normally when we want to lose weight, we decide to go on a low calorie diet, with the hope that we will reach our weight loss goals after a couple of months. What often happens with these types of diets, is that you give up long before you have actually reached your weight loss goals.

It is not because you do not have the motivation or are being lazy, it is simply because there are a lot of factors who plays a huge role when it comes to losing weight. The longer you are with your diet, the more difficult it will be to lose any further weight.

This is why you may be interested in getting started to do a HCG Diet Plan. This type of diet can make you lose up a pound of body fat per day, if you follow the diet plan itself and are taking the HCG that is a vital part of this type of diet.

HCG stands for Human chorionic gonadotropin and is an exact copy of a pregnancy hormone of the same name.

Get Your Calorie Need Covered from Your Body Fat

When you start to take this hormone either as injections or HCG Droplets your body will start to get its calorie need covered from the body you have stored on your body. This process is very similar to when a fetus get its nutrition needs covered from his mother.

When suddenly you get your calorie needs covered from your body fat instead from the food you are eating, you will be able to burn a whole lot more body fat compared to a traditional diet including exercising.

A Special Combination of Food

The diet part itself with the HCG Diet Plan is a special combination of foods that has been carefully selected you cover certain needs. If you want to do this diet you really do need to follow the diet part as well.

The Official HCG Diet Plan offers you two different diets, a 500 and a 1000 calorie diet plan. This what you need to stick to doing the HCG Diet Plan and if you want to lose up to a pound per day.

But it is important to stress out, that you will feel full and satisfied the whole time, because you are getting your calorie need covered from your body fat, so you will not go hungry to bad.

The Official HCG Diet, which is the one that we recommend is based upon the original Dr. Simeon HCG Diet which was developed back in the fifties and is the most effective version of the HCG Diet Plan today.

Learn more about Human chorionic gonadotropin at WebMD

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